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I work as a teacher, poet and spiritual director at a number of institutions in the DC area. My teaching focuses in various ways on writing, poetry, Spirituality and Christian vocation and ministry - especially from the point of view of the laity. I also offer classes and retreats encouraging people to explore their inner lives, engage their creativity and reflect on their beliefs about God, vocation, and how we can discern and pursue new ways to transform our broken world. I enjoy speaking of faith in the secular academy as well as reminding those preparing for ministry in the Church that our primary purpose is to love and serve the world beyond the church's doors. I love helping people to grow in faith and to find their own voices, and I also love encouraging them to use their minds. I see no contradiction between these impulses, believing as I do that faith, reason and creativity work together.



copyright by Kathleen Henderson Staudt, from Waving Back:  Poems of Mothering Life. 2006: Finishing Line Press  Available for purchase at KHSBooks 

She cannot really say what this is, but only
That she has put into it
Some of her favorite things:
    A special shade of violet-red,
         A bumpy line from a fat yellow crayon;
            A face, her own, in blue, her favorite color;
                    A circle, firmly traced in black;
                       Two red and turquoise stickers, dug out of a drawer.

She can't, or won't say what it is,
But she knows
It is beauty-ful

Beauty for me:
          the small head bent in deep attention,
               fist clutching  pen,
-                 and her laughter at the sound that felt-tip markers make
                         Pounding on paper, spewing  dots of color everywhere.

  And beautiful her words
            as she places her creation
               into my hands.

This is for you, she says,
Write it, a blessing:
For you, from me,

  With love.

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